Malinverno Metalli srl

Malinverno Metalli srl is an Italian company, based in Buccinasco in the province of Milan, operating in the non-ferrous metals sector since 1955, both in the recovery and treatment of scrap materials and in the marketing and distribution of semi-processed products to metallurgical and manufacturing industry.

Long established on the Italian market, it is one of the major service centres in Northern Italy. Thanks to a high level of supplies customisation and the ability to adapt the service to the demands of the current market, it currently delivers products to companies all over the world and, most of all, in Europe.

Malinverno Metalli srl selects and markets raw materials such as copper, bronze, brass, nickel, zinc, aluminium and lead, both in the scrap sector and as semi-processed products, such as tapes and slabs.

Malinverno Metalli srl is a member of the BIR (Bureau of International Recycling) and actively participates in the recovery sector's international fairs. Furthermore, in April 2013 it received the ISO 9000 quality certification.

For 25 years, the company has been monitoring the trend in the prices of non-ferrous metals at the London Metal Exchange, offering to their customers the possibility of setting the base price of metals in relation to the official price of the London stock exchange.

Companies of the automotive sector, where a high standard of quality is essential, are one of its major customers.

Non-ferrous scrap

From recovery of scrap to metal in transformation. A virtuous process that enhances processing waste by allowing it to be reintegrated into the production cycle and contributes to the economy of sustainability and environmental protection.

Malinverno Metalli srl has been dealing with the recovery and transformation of non-ferrous scrap metals for over 60 years.

The scrap materials are collected, selected according to their mechanical, organoleptic, physical and chemical characteristics and treated to be resold to foundries, which will use them to extract the ""primary raw materials"", thus continuing the life cycle of non-ferrous metals.

Particular attention is paid both to the quality and purity of the final product and to compliance with the current recycling regulations.

Non-ferrous semi-finished products

Thanks to the exclusive partnership with a cutting center Malinverno Metalli srl, it guarantees the high quality of semi-finished products and maximum precision in cutting.

Malinverno Metalli srl supplies strips and plates in copper, bronze, brass, nickel, zinc, aluminum and lead for various industrial sectors and areas of application.

A high level of customization of semi-finished non-ferrous supplies and the ability to adapt the service to customer requests are the strength of the company, which thanks to its own service center has the ability to meet both the needs of small and medium companies that are big companies that require small supplies.

The sale of strips and slabs is supported by a sales team and a fleet of vehicles, which allows supplies to be made to the main destinations and on time.


Since the mid-20th century, Malinverno Metalli has been working in the non-ferrous metals sector, first as an expert recovery company and then in the semi-finished products trade. Now in its third generation business, the company has been transformed into a company and supplies non-ferrous scrap metal and metals in transformation all over the world.


From the quality of the products to the respect for the environment: here are some of the values ​​brought by Malinverno Metalli with its work and its employees.