Malinverno Metalli supplies high quality brass strips, sheets, tubes, bars and wires.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, oxidizable and with vast possibilities of application in the industrial field. Brass alloys differ according to the amount of zinc contained.

The similar ones are those brasses that have a percentage of zinc ranging from 10% to 20% and have as characteristic a great plasticity. On the other hand, brass with a zinc content of more than 25% - 30% has higher mechanical characteristics. It is then used for the ammunition and the cartridge that brass with a percentage of 28% zinc.

Padded parts, tubes and springs are used in brass with 33% zinc (OT67), while the one with 37% zinc is recommended if there is a need for greater ease of processing both hot and cold. The lead brass alloys, including CuZn38Pb2, CuZn39Pb2 and CuZn40Pb2, are used in the industrial field on the lathe, for parts such as taps and valves.

The most important feature of the brass is in the high mechanical properties, which makes it therefore more suitable than copper for all those uses that require good mechanical strength. The second most widespread use is instead in the field of decorative uses


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Available formats


Alloy OT63 CUZN 37, Alloy OT67 CUZN 33, Alloy OT70 CUZN 30

Similar alloys: OT 80CUZN20, OT 85 CUZN 15, OT 90 CUZN10

Thicknesses: from mm. 0,1 to mm. 5

Widths: from mm. 4 to mm. 1000

All physical states

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All the above mentioned alloys

Thicknesses: da mm. 0,3 a mm. 6,00

Formats: Large slab (1000x2000), small (1340x670)

Other requests: son specific

Bars, wires and tube

Wide range of commercial formats

Main applications:

Electricity: electrical equipment, switches, contacts, lampholders

Trucking: radiators, electrical systems

Marine sector: exchangers, plates

Ammunition: cartridge cases

Hydrosanitary: faucets, valves, radiators, pipes

Chemical industry: exchangers

Mechanical industry: bolts, screws, gears, small metal parts

Construction and furniture: hinges, doors, furniture elements, handles

Coinage and similars: coins, plaques, medals, decorations

Musical instruments: the aerophones

Fashion: eyewear, clothing