Malinverno Metalli supplies bronze semi-finished products in the form of plates and ribbons.

The bronze is a copper alloy, with the addition of tin up to 8-9%. This particularalloy is very resistant to corrosion, as well as having good mechanical characteristics.

The bronze can then be forged, extruded, laminated, drawn and printed. Copper-tin alloys are also available with an increase in tin content, which allows the alloy to have a hardness so that the pieces are obtained by casting, or by fusion. No semi-finished bronze product has a tin content of more than 30%, as this percentage makes the alloy unsuitable for industrial use.

Bronze is widely used in the electronic and mechanical sectors, but also for coins, medals and finishing in the fashion industry.


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Available formats


League CUSN6, CUSN8

Thicknesses: from mm. 0,1 to mm. 4,0

Widths: from mm. 4 to mm. 460

All physical states

Other requests: on specific


All the leagues

Thicknesses: from mm. 0,1 to mm. 4,0

Widths:max width 460, length according to request

All physical states

Other requests: on specifica

Main applications:

Electrical-electronic sector: terminals, connectors, contacts, terminals, pins, relays, ferrules.

Mechanical sector: connectors, small metal parts, eyelets, white sector, veneer mills.

Fashion sector: buttons, zips, buckles, hooks, eyelets.