With a wide range of applications in industry, from automotive to fashion, copper is a metal with characteristics that make it extremely versatile in the manufacturing world. Copper has a positive electrochemical potential, unique quality, moreover its electrical and thermal conductivity is very high, in fact it is second only to silver as a heat conductor.

Copper has an oxidation state at level +1 and +2, also has excellent resistance to corrosion as with exposure to open air develops a green patina that acts as a protective layer. One of the mechanical qualities of this metal is its high ductility, therefore copper, extremely malleable, is easily transformed into strips and laminates. Copper can be combined with other metals, thus obtaining new metal alloys, and its scrap can be recycled, participating in the virtuous circle of sustainable economy.

Sheets, plates and flat copper bars are among the most requested products among those marketed by Malinverno Metalli.


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Available formats



Thicknesses: from mm. 0,1 to mm. 5

Widths: from mm. 4 to mm. 1000

All physical states

Other requests: on specific


All leagues in all physical states

Thicknesses: da mm. 0,5 a mm. 6,00

Formats: da mm. 1000x2000

Other requests:: on specific

Flat bars

Wide range of commercial formats

Main applications:

Automotive: car accessories, connectors, clamps, radiator trays.

EConstruction:: roofing, downpipes and canals, various applications.

Electric-electronic:: terminals, connectors, terminals, ferrules, contacts, relays, pins, pins, multi-socket, clamps.

Fashion: buttons, zippers, buckles, hooks, eyelets.

Heat exchange:: boiler and boilers.