The services of Malinverno Metalli include cutting, packaging and delivery of semi-processed products.

The cut and size are agreed upon with the customer based on their needs and timing, while the delivery is guaranteed to be done in a very short time.

A cutting center that works exclusively for us allows us to offer a tailor-made service, studied on the needs of the customer and based on the quality of the products.

On-site services

On-site cutting center, spooling and packaging

External services

Flattening and straightening of strips and bands.

Surface treatments of semi-processed products: tin, silver, nickel, chromium and gold plating.

Surface treatments

Surface treatments are carried out on base metals to give them different characteristics from those they already possess, from the point of view of mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion, but also from an aesthetic and decorative point of view.

Silver plating

An electrolytic treatment that is mainly used for electrical applications. The silver plating has a good resistance to corrosion but is easily oxidized, even if it does not alter its excellent electrical conductivity. To avoid this problem, the silver-plating treatment is protected by passivation.

Tin plating

An electrolytic treatment, suitable for the protection of any metal, such as copper, iron, aluminium and their alloys. This process ensures a good resistance to corrosion and a very high electrical conductivity, as well as excellent aesthetic properties.

Nickel plating

A coating treatment with a nickel layer, which contributes to increasing mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

Chromium plating

A coating treatment with a layer of nickel with a flash of chromium, both to increase its resistance and to prevent corrosion.

Gold plating

An electrolytic treatment that allows to achieve a uniform gold plating with minimum quantities of gold. It is used in jewelry and in the electronics industry.